Tap Forms HD Organizer and Secure Database App Reviews

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Love version 4; 5 not so much

I am not a power user but I do use Tap Forms daily for personal, work related, and record keeping I do for a non-profit. For me iCloud syncing worked flawlessly. I upgraded to 5 at it's release and attempted to sync using both Cloudant and the local syncing option. I had no success with either. The Cloudant fees also concerned me although I did not use the service to approach $50 month fee allowance provided. I immediately returned to version 4. Not sure why iCloud syncing was abandoned but that has proven to be a deal breaker for me. Took one star away because of usability issues with version 5.

Yet another cloud subscription - ARRRGGG!

First let me say that I LOVE Tap Forms. It reminds me of the old Symantec Q&A. Simple, yet powerful. Maybe as nice as the old venerable Lotus Approach. I've been using Tap Forms for several years now, and it fits the bill for all of my filing needs. No, it isn't a Filemaker Pro replacement. It doesn't try to be. But for the most complicated and complex databases, this workes wonderfully. Really. Being notified of the version 5 upgrade, I paid the very reasonable fee for the upgrade. However, I was surprised to learn that syncing no longer worked, and to enable it, I must purchase yet another subscription service. Enough already!!! Everyone and their uncles are subscribing me into the poor house! So . . . I've deleted the version 5 of Tap Forms and returned to the 4.x version, which syncs using the iCloud that I already have. If there was an option for version 5 of Tap Forms to use iCloud, then I would have given it a 5-Star rating. If you don't mind yet another subscription service, then you can't go wrong getting Tap Forms 5.

Great app but...

I love this app, use it all the time but it REALLY needs multi-tasking support. Multi-tasking for the iPad has been out for quite a while now and I feel that at this point, this feature should have already been implemented within this app. Please add support for this as soon as possible!

Buggy, Flawed, But Good

I have been using Tap Forms for a long time. It is the best database app for average people to use. I was excited about the upgrade. I don't love having to get yet another account to sync between devices. And right now it is buggy (I can't close one database and open another.)

The BEST IOS Database app

TapForms is the best database app for IOS hands down. It has just been upgraded to version 5 and I am impressed with it's improvements. I had used TapForms a long time ago, but stopped mainly due to it's awkward syncing process. Version 5 adds a new 3rd party syncing process that so far has been working flawlessly. Other improvements are welcomed as well. The developer's focus and response iOS excellent. If you are looking for a database app, or want to upgrade an older version of TapForms, I recommend it. There was not much wrong with it before, it's even better now.

Sticking with this over the new one!

This version is great. Based on the reviews I've read, and the fact that purchased both this app and the app for my Mac within the past 8 months or so, I refuse to spend the money to buy the new one. Even FileMaker didn't make me buy the new version when I purchased Bento less than a year before the new version came out. Great product, disappointing developers.

Great app, bad sync

Love the app, it's pretty intuitive and flexible, but after buying both the desktop and the iPad version I could not get them to sync even after several emails from the developer. So I can be not use on my desktop or I can have two separate databases. Not good.

Great App

The word awesome often gets overused but I can certainly use it here. I have found more uses for this app in tracking about anything you can think of. Outstanding - keep up good work.

Records that won't go away

There no way (or at least no obvious way) to delete records from this app. So over time you end up with dozens of blank records at the top of your lists.


I have been searching for a database program similar to Microsoft Access. This is actually better. Now I will be able to say bye to my pc! Thanks

This is what all apps should be: intuitive & powerful

I love this app! Sat down with it & customized a form for my business that is perfect for tracking clients MY way. So simple to use & does everything I need it to do. Amazing power & flexibility for the price!

Simple & Awesome!

Their really is anything else out there in iOS land quite like it! I'd like to see PDF implementation (form entry and sharing). So quick and easy! And fun to use!


This software solution is absolutely incredible! I use it daily on my MacBook Pro, iPad & iPhone to manage all my contacts, prospects & customers. It sync extremely well between all my devices and imported all my records from Numbers and Excel. And the support is unlike any other! This developer ALWAYS responds to my questions & concerns! Where else do you get that? And most importantly, it is priced right so there is no excuse to not have it! It is by far the best CRM software out there at a great price! Now, quit looking and get it!

Perfect sized solution

Was looking for a simple,basic database to manage all the various bits of information on the products I sell. Got bot the iPad and Mac versions. It is pretty quick to set up (though I still get a little frustrated stumbling around). Support is great. I had an issue with crashing (Mac) when I trying to set up a form. Sent a email and got an immediate response and they sent out an updated version that corrected the bug. Importing and exporting is easy. Creating calculated fields (like to calculate profit and margins) is a breeze. Pretty easy to sync via drop box (I think I hate iCloud) Never used Bento so I can't compare but this is a perfect solution for me

Nice product but doesn't sync

I really like this product but it just won't sync between my two I products. So if you buy it just be prepared that you might be forced to use it on a single product only

This app is awesome

I have been using tap forms for quite some time now. I use it for everything. The latest version is great. There was a bug in the program that had bothered me for some time. I thought I would email the company and report it. Wow. The same day or early the next he responded to my problem and after a couple of emails to understand what was going on he said he would take care of it. With in a week or so a new update was out with the fix! Great program. Great customer support. Something you don't see to much in the app world.

My favorite app of 2015

Tap Forms is enjoyable to use. It is both easy and powerful. Looking back on 2015 I think this is the best app I've bought. I have both iPad and Mac versions.


Excellent app with a developer who responds to concerns and updates the app with fixes as quickly as fixes are made.

Love it

Easy to use, yet very powerful, especially if you put some thought in designing a database.

Non functional

Some advertised features such as Dropbox sync just don't work. Tried to sync Mac with iPad, and not working. No picture groups.

Very useful

Very useful for me. One of the best apps in this category. Nice customer support from developer. Very satisfied. A little be hard to use on beginning but after spending some time it's pleasure to use it. Thanks

Great database

Easy to set up and use!!! Awesome customer service

Syncing made easy

This is a nice database that lets you sync across devices. Great alternative to FileMaker Pro (10x the money) that has no auto cloud sync unless you pay big bugs for it, which is ridiculous. Tap forms is a wonderful, affordable app, that is designed for people that don't have a Ph.D. In database technology,but like to keep their stuff secure and organized in one place, on all there devices, without having to worry about syncing them manually.

Can't live without

I've never got the app to sync up between Mac, iPad and iPhone using iCloud. I've been using this app since it was first introduced in the AppStore. So, thought I give it a try using Dropbox syncing. It's working perfectly now. No more syncing issues. Guys, switch to Dropbox for syncing between the different platforms. It works. Give up on iCloud syncing, that just does not work!

Excellent, but....

I love the app, but it's still hard to sync with my other devices. I have tried so many times that's I'm starting to look for other apps like it. Please fix, and I'll give it 5 stars.

Thank You!

For stepping in where Bento failed. It's not identical but the learning curve is not steep and it is a more than adequate replacement. I lost nothing in converting my earlier dbs. Great job!

The best forms organizer

This is the best forms/database organizing app by order of magnitude. I love that I can set custom sorts and filters + save advanced searches based on fields. Highly recommended! PS Works great on iPad Pro. I would love to see iPad keyboard shortcuts (for hardware keyboard). PPS Great support.

Thank you

Yesterday, I was very upset, I got a msg that the database was damaged and it won't open. It wasn't the fault of the database, it was an Apple glitch. I got in touch with Tapforms support and they were quick to respond and told me why this happen and provided a quick fix. Wonderful support and still a good product.

Very good app. And amazing costumer service!!

My files wasn't encoded properly. So I couldn't import to the app. I contacted the app support (it was close to midnight) he offered me to encode the files for me! I sent him the files and in a few minutes I got it back corrected!! He did not finished with me that night then. On every question I had he answered promptly. It's a good app. And I recommend it for everyone who needs a good database app with outstanding support.

A cool database

I have had this database program for a while now ever since Bento was abandon It missis some of the features from bento but it was never promised to be a bento. Learning to do some things differently was not much of a problem the program makes data bases relatively easy to set up. It does a great job I don’t know what I would have done without it. While standing in line at the pharmacy, I quickly put together a database that will allow me to say what day where I am and when did I start waiting. I click a botton and it tells me how much time waisted in line. Over the past few days I have totaled up waisted time in lines. It was a lot more than I ever thought. I have the one for my iMac to. My business information from there is automatically updated on my phone so I’m never at a loss when someone ask me questions about their project. . I love this app

Unexpectedly Useful

I work with large databases in my job and was interested in TapForms to see what it could do. When I first installed it on my Mac and iOS devices, I really didn't have a purpose in mind for it. Now I do. A simple but very useful "dictionary" type application. I have created a form with just one text field and one note field. I use this format to create several reference forms that I use all of the time now. One is for SQL - I have added dozens of entries to document SQL language syntax and rules for writing SQL queries. I use the text field for the subject, and the note field for the details. For example, I have one entry each for Insert, Update, Delete, Recordset, Rank, Case, etc. When I find something useful on-line, I copy it to my clipboard and paste it into TapForms - adding to an existing entry if one already exists - or creating a new entry if it doesn't. I used to keep this kind of reference handy on spiral-bound note cards, but this is much more versatile. I usually add and edit entries on my iPad. I can sync it with my iPhone and Mac so it's always available - at home or at work. In addition, the entries are searchable, so if I can't remember what category something is hidden in, I can quickly find it. I also include snippets of code, and examples (some of them quite long) showing how the features and functions are to be used. The note field is well suited to this kind of text and easy to format. I have other forms for other subjects - like Excel VBA, Photoshop, C-Sharp. It really works well and is a perfect medium for keeping track of things that I sometimes can't remember. So I recommend you consider expanding Tap Forms to include some simple dictionary-type forms. This easy-to-create application has become an essential part of my work life.

Very, very useful and well thought out database suite

I’ve been so pleasantly surprised with Tap Forms. Cloud sync and a very robust and flexible database system that’s easy to set up. It’s one of the better app suites (with the Mac app) I’ve used. update: still rocks

Best Database Ever

I've tried the rest and now I using the best. Just wish you had a Windows part as well so I could use it on my PC. Who knows maybe you will. Still hoping.

Awesome App

I've managed our high school class database for over 20 years (over 550 classmates). I started with an excel spreadsheet then graduated to Bento. Bento was great and so easy to use. When it was discontinued I was concerned I wouldn't find a suitable replacement. I tried numerous software/apps and settled on TapForms. I have seen it develop into so much more than Bento ever was (for a while I was using both, specifically because in the beginning Tap Forms didn't support labels - now it does so I don't need Bento). TapForms allows me to store contact info for mailings, info & pictures for name tags, keep track of money received for reunions, keep track of menu choices for reunions and so much more! Besides all of the functionality it provides, Tap Forms has the absolute best customer service I've had the pleasure of experiencing. Definitely 5 stars!!!!

Awesome iPad app

One of the most useful especially apps for the iPad. I track everything in the app, expenses, meeting notes, contacts, equipment, etc. does what I need. Could be a little more customizable, but productivity trumps pretty.

Best of the Best

If you need a database that YOU can modify or create, look no further. I've tried many over the years and this is the Best of the Best!

Powerful, Versatile App!

I'm so impressed with this app! I love it, and it makes me look like some kind of genius to custom build a form exactly suited to my unique business. I have used this app to build forms for several very different functions for use in my company. It was recommended to me; and I also have recommended it to other colleagues, as well, who absolutely raved about it and the form I shared after he downloaded the app. Quick and easy learning curve to begin building forms perfect for most projects. It has helped me organize data that can almost be impossible to track over a particular time period, and sped up another tedious job process that had to be done by hand by literally probably 300%! (The form I shared with my colleague.) It was an unbelievable improvement! My most recent form is to track clients and leads from initial contact to completion of project. I've tried to customize particular forms on numerous other popular computer software programs that would come close, but were still just not a good fit for the extreme detail and variables necessary from client to client. I used almost all of the available options to build an extremely easy to use, yet highly detailed, form that can be synced between devices to keep me organized and efficient. I can then take that valuable information and import, print and export for fantastic flexibility. I've even used it simultaneously with a staff member and "beamed" files to merge them so that two people could work on the same project together. I'm telling you, the developers have thought of everything! The versatility that the developers have incorporated into this app will amaze you, and the possibilities must be endless. I am back months later to purchase the full $9.00 version because it's just THAT good! Thank you so much! I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for this app! UPDATE: Due to my own user error, I was having difficulties with "beaming" and wrote an email to "support" asking for assistance. It was almost 1:00 o'clock in the morning, my time; but I sent it expecting someone to read it the next day. Incredibly, I received an almost immediate response from Brendan! His answer was thorough and well thought out. Extremely grateful for the fantastic customer service! UPDATE: 10/11/2015 - I am still using this app! Still an incredibly versatile tool! I can't imagine trying to organize my info without it! Great app! Still amazing customer service when I needed help syncing three devices after iOS software update on just my phone caused a mismatched version to occur. Thank you!

Great app, exceptional support

First, the support part. I ran into a problem with sync on one of my Macs. The developer replied almost immediately, and late in the day. It took some effort and all the responses were very fast and helpful. I wish everyone did support like this. The app itself works great. I came over from Bento when that product was discontinued. After a little learning curve, I’m doing everything I need to and finding a few new things that are helpful. The app is super-easy to use, being pretty much like laying out text/spaces on a piece of paper or in a word processing application. No technical effort needed at all. There are some powerful features though that make it quite useful for many tracking, inventory, form, and similar needs.

Fantastic Replacement for Bento

When I realized that Bento would soon be obsolete on my computer, iPhone and iPad, I was hard pressed to find a replacement. I called Filemaker and learned that with future OS updates from Apple, eventually Bento would not run on my iMac Mavericks OS. I’ve created hundreds of records on Bento and use it for my home business. I was distraught and didn’t want to pay the high price tag for Filemaker, but felt cornered. I downloaded the trial version and imported my Bento files. The learning curve is STEEP and it’s far too complicated for my expertise. That’s when I started checking for other options and stumbled upon a forum mentioning Tap Forms as a great app with most of the features that Bento offers. I began working with the trial version of Tap Forms. All of my Bento forms imported beautifully. All of the data had to be sorted again to my liking, and while the layouts are not as “fancy” as Bento’s layouts, I’ve found that I actually prefer the simplicity and speed of using the Default Layout in Tap Forms; a feature that didn’t even exist in Bento! I can still create layouts, duplicate layouts, etc. so that one form can have multiple layouts. This is a feature I use with my Christmas Card list where I track who I send and receive cards to every Christmas, so I need multiple layouts for each consecutive year. So, this is where my review gets really good! I began having trouble with certain features being inaccessible in the menu. I shot off an email to customer support, thinking it would take days before I got a response. Not so with Tap Forms! I received an email within an hour! Brendan walked me through many steps and he was so responsive that upon the realization that there were some hiccups with my older OS X.9 (Mavericks), he spent his weekend rebuilding Tap Forms and sent me links to download a newer version! Whoa! What software company has EVER done that for me before? ABSOLUTELY NONE!! And I wasn’t even a “paying customer” yet. Mind you, I was using a “trial” version at this point! Over the course of the next five days, Brendan and I corresponded on a daily basis: me reporting things not working properly, and him either fixing the issue or teaching me the correct thing to do. I have to say, this company is REMARKABLE!! For customer service alone, I give Tap Forms TEN stars! I sincerely can’t say enough good as to how responsive he was, as well as anxious to receive feedback for improvement of the app. Last night I purchased all three apps… iMac, iPad, iPhone. I’ve synced all of my devices and they are working fantastically together. I love many things about Tap Forms, especially that my contacts sync with my forms by adding a “contact field” as well as a “location field.” These are two things that Bento didn’t support. I’m thrilled to find a replacement for Bento that I think will even surpass the features that Bento offered as Tap Forms continues to offer future updates and users submit enhancement requests. Another great feature is that Tap Forms syncs with the cloud, instead of a manual sync (which I had to do with Bento). Anyone who is in the same boat as me and wants a great app for any and all databases, don’t hesitate to grab Tap Forms. I don’t usually write reviews, but this was one time I felt I must share my awesome experience with the developer and my pleasure with my crossover from Bento. A five star app for sure!


Tap Forms rescued me from the demise of Bento, eliminating the customizing deficiencies in Bento. FileMaker is great, but too capable and too expensive and machine-restricted. TF coordination across devices (my iMac is data-central) is painless and SECURE. The relational capability is nice for some, but for most of us flat-file is the most useful (and visible) structure, especially since TF now has a spreadsheet display.

Tap Forms

Great app. Use it across devices with my "control"version on the Mac.

Used every day

Simple but powerful. Kind of fun, too. I use this every day for all sorts of info.

Better than Bento

I had used Bento for many years, and was disappointed to learn when they were getting rid of it. I downloaded a number of alternate database apps that I hoped would be similar to Bento. After reviewing four of them, I hit upon Tap Forms and knew it was the one. Powerful, easy to use, ability to import all Bento lists, have all the Import/Export features that I need. Syncs well with IOS devices which is a necessity for me. Cusomter service is the best I’ve ever experienced with a third party app developer. My emails are answered very quickly, and my questions have always been answered. The PDF User’s Manual, for both Mac and IOS, is very well done…but now and then there’s a detail that I can’t find. The developer listens…many customer ideas end up in the next update of the app! Extremely professional, personal and knowledgeable staff. This is the one!

The Best (keeps getting better)

We use this app on the iPad at my health club for body fat testing. We email the results to members, and attach a body fat chart. We love it's functionality! Could use a copy and paste feature for the fields when creating a new contest, and the developers seem very cooperative to add it soon. ***** UPDATE ***** excellent support-the copy and paste feature was added several months ago and it sure helps us out

Great Database program

I have used this app for years and it keeps improving. Versions for iPhone, iPad, and Mac are available separately, and all are great. The author is responsive to emails, and continues to add new features. I am a happy customer.

It's SO flexible!

This is a great app... I used it to flesh out requirements for a new concept, as it takes seconds to add fields, change formats or displays, etc. It is surprisingly powerful, useful, and configurable for the price point! Bonus: the forum is useful and the developer responsive... My new favorite super-app...useful for so many things!

Awesome App

Very happy with this purchase. I was looking for an app to keep track of my vehicle service records and didn't like the options available, so I decided to try using a database to make my own. This worked perfectly and now I'll be making lots of other forms with this app.


I love this app, but I can't apply pick lists to fields anymore for some reason. I had the exact same problem with the Mac version. Please fix ASAP.

Great App!

After unsuccessfully trying Bento and iDatabase for my business, I was thrilled to find Tap Forms. Tap Forms works great but is fairly simple to use. It actually does have an iPad version in addition to the Mac and iPhone, all of which are beautiful and elegant. And the support is phenomenal!

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